Estimated # of dogs owned as pets in the US



# of dogs enter shelters each year



Shelter dogs are euthanized each year



Adults with substance use disorders



Also had a mental illness


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We operate on donations from generous hearts.  Think about becoming a monthly sponsor for one of our partnerships.  You will receive updates, video messages and pictures of the partnership you are sponsoring through the email you provide when you sign up.  You can be the difference in two special lives!

Fundraising Events

Have a venue you would like to donate to make one of our fundraising events possible?....or do you have a fabulous idea that can help us with fundraising events?  We’d love for you to shoot us an email and tell us all about it.  We can do so much when we come together as a team!

Our Wishlist

Check out our wish list for the items needed to help our training partnership program continue to grow and thrive 😊  With grateful hearts, we accept drop offs and shipments via “snail mail”. Gifting to Ethan’s Hope is easier now with our Amazon wish list. (I swear with every Kong toy I see these pups smiling and they all have extra wiggles! LOL) Just follow this link.

Trainers Needed

Are you a certified/licensed dog trainer?  We would love for you to join our volunteer team (short or long term welcome!)

Training Locations Needed

Have a large piece of property that would be perfect for training sessions? We’d love to utilize it a few times a month. Mixing locations up are healthy for the dogs and the residents in the program! Shoot us an email or give us a call….we’d love to chat with you about it.