Ethan Michael Harding, passed away on May 7th, 2023, at age 23.  For 8 years he struggled with mental illness, that led him down the path of addiction.  This path eventually stole his precious life…..but we will not allow addiction to be what defines out son. Especially since he fought so very hard against it. Ethan had an amazing heart…..a heart whose hope was to help his peers who were struggling as he was.  He wanted to help other’s beat back the darkness.

Join us in honoring his wish to help those who struggled as he did with addiction and mental illness.  

Ethan’s hope for his future, was to help those struggling with what brought him comfort and joy.  His dream was to open a foundation to bring addicts in recovery together with shelter dogs.  His best days in rehab were dog therapy days.....but he wanted to take it a few steps further.  Training addicts in recovery to train the “hard to adopt” dogs in shelters and rescues and then have them help get their partnered dog adopted by their forever family.

The idea was to battle the addiction’s selfish nature.  Turn focus on something positive....saving a precious dog's life and lead them to a happy healthy home.   
He chose the name “Paws & Hands ~ Rescues & Recoveries”.  Now that Ethan is gone, we never want his name with a dear friend's wonderful suggestion, “Ethan’s Hope” will be added above the amazing logo Ethan chose.  There is no better way to describe this foundation.....because that’s exactly what it is “Ethan’s Hope”

As a family we vow to carry on bringing Ethan's wish into fruition and pray that many of you will be inspired to help spread his light.  We all know someone who is struggling with addiction, mental illness or both.  Show Ethan’s grace through your actions.  There is no room for judgment.....only grace and love.  There is no “junkie”...only a heart that is struggling and needs to know that they are loved and their life matters.  Carry that in your heart every day and you will also be carrying Ethan’s Hope there.

We are asking your help to honor those who lost their battle with addiction by fighting alongside us, to help those still fighting! Think about becoming a monthly sponsor and a “Warrior” of Ethan’s Hope.