Ethan Michael Harding, passed away on May 7th, 2023, at age 23.  For 8 years he struggled with mental illness, that led him down the path of addiction.  This path eventually stole his precious life…..but we will not allow addiction to be what defines our son. Especially since he fought so very hard against it. Ethan had an amazing heart…..a heart whose hope was to help his peers who were struggling as he was.  He wanted to help other’s beat back the darkness.

What We Do



People in Recovery

Addiction is a selfish disease and one of the struggles against the hold drugs have over someone is the inability to change focus off of that “need/desire” for that next drink/fix.  We want to help CHANGE that focus from that “need/desire” to another life that needs THEIR attention, love and time.  For every addict fighting, there is also a traumatized dog in need.  We want to bring them together so the focus can now be on healing, bonding, training, and on adoption…..not only saving one life, but two.


Animals In Need

 In shelters all across the country are dogs labeled as “non-adoptable” simply because there isn’t enough time for training and evaluation. They’ve been neglected and then abandoned. The dogs in our program deserve a second chance at experiencing the love of a family of their own.


Adoption & Training

Under the supervision of an Animal Behaviorist and trainer, these dogs will be partnered with an addict in a recovery program.  These dogs will be trained, socialized and spoiled with love and attention…..all in hopes of finding their “furever family” with the assistance of their partner through Ethan’s Hope.  Together we will never have to say no to any person struggling with addiction nor a shelter/rescue dog to becoming part of our program.  We can help if we do this together!